If you are an aspiring software architect or just getting started as one you’ve come to the right place. I’m a passionate software architect here to share what I’ve learned in my 20+ years as a software architect and developer.

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About the blog

I created this blog to help developers who aspire to become architects and for new architects that need help getting started. There is a tremendous amount of great information out there on patterns, architecture theory and academic approaches to software architecture but my main focus is to provide real-world examples and practical advice on the challenges you will face and how to overcome them. I will provide actionable advice, artifact examples, links to reference material & tools that will help you get your job done and make you shine. In a nutshell, my goal is for this blog to become the reference I wish I had when I was getting started.

About me

My name is Chris Simmons and I am is a 20+ year veteran software architect & developer with experience across multiple platforms, industries, and technologies. I have worked as a consulting architect and developer in the logistics, transportation, education, hospitality, construction, and utility industries just to name a few. I have specialized in Microsoft web technologies for most of my career but also have some experience with IBM midrange platforms. I am a passionate technologist who enjoys designing software, teaching and mentoring as much as I like coding.

I work out of my home office in sunny Jacksonville, Florida where I live with my beautiful wife and two sons. I am presently employed as a software architect for a Colorado-based product/solutions provider.